Socio cultural factors affecting population growth in india

Voluntary fertility regulation in such countries, at least with traditional methods, is thus much more a matter of stopping childbearing than of spacing it. This figure may rise if the population growth is uncontrolled.

Personal communication between field workers or local leaders and the people is apparently the best single influence for the adoption of voluntary fertility control in many areas, though mass communication may become increasingly important. This cycle in fact might be considered as a positive feedback, in that the increase in one results in the increase of the other factor.

Suppose we forget about the environment, and only worry about ourselves. Even among the conservative and evangelical segments of Protestantism, sexual intercourse in marriage without procreative intentions is widely accepted and the employment of contraceptives is common Vincent, Urbanization and population concentration go hand-in-hand and are closely related to each other.

The above listing indicates a great disparity between what we know and what we need to know in order to deal effectively with the problem. In contrast to this, the Great Plain of North India is a land of extremely gentle slope and offers great opportunities for the growth of agriculture, transport and industries.

The Muslim population in Uttar Pradesh increased In short, we cannot conclude that the-New Testament presented an explicit view to influence human fertility rates among the first Christians. Religion is a major source of values, particularly in a traditional society. Is this what we want for our children?

Unemployment, or underemployment, further leads to poverty. African birth rates are high because in most cultures, many children symbolize prestige and insure old age security.

What Are the Factors Responsible for Population Growth?

This is an important factor, as some countries have seen their population double or triple without their economies keeping pace. Water is considered the essence of life. These marked jealousies frequently are rationalizations for desertion and extramarital sexual life, but their significance for this analysis is that they affect family size in that both men and women believe that Isaving many children reinforces the marital bond and reduces tendency toward unfaithfulness.

The same holds true for a richer state, like Maharashtra, where the lowest wealth quintile has a total fertility rate of 2. Analysis of the Problems and Recommendations for Research and Training. Rainfall supplies sufficient water for agriculture which is the main occupation of Indian masses.

In some villages in Ceylon a similar program has apparently produced a seven-point decrease within three years. It is generally said that the population map of India follows its rainfall map. The pregnant woman has ample opportunity to accomplish abortion while visiting the isolated menstrual areas without detection because of this threemonth secrecy practice.

Although culture channels most human thoughts, feelings, and actions, we need not adopt extreme cultural determinism for each individual can exercise freedom in varying degrees of deviation from cultural patterns.

Eight to ten such efforts are now going on, some of them continuations of earlier efforts. A Malagasy friend once joked that in Madagascar, every tribe believes that every other tribe eats cats. If one adopts the Malthusian, or pessimistic, view that human population will eventually outstrip food resources, birth control measures, especially contraceptives, will be effectively disseminated in non-Western cultures only by cognizance of crosscultural appreciation of values and acculturational processes.

Some of the adverse factors such as steep slope, frequent floods, infertile soils and dense forests counterbalance the positive effect of rainfall. The National Academies Press.

8 Factors Influencing the Distribution and Density of Population in India

Immigration to better developed countries due to several reasons like better job opportunities, war, and natural causes like hurricanes, earthquakes, and so forth. Simply defined, culture may he considered the total way of life or the design for living characterizing each human society. And there are several rivers, lakes, and other sources of water within the country as well.

Inthe total fertility rate of Uttar Pradesh, at 3.These I can categorized at historic since the colonial times, socio-cultural, and political factors. Another category which I relate to modern forces that fuels evasion and succession tendencies include technological advancement which the people have not been assisted to adopt to, and local politics that have tended to promote division with an intent to favour some people at the expense of others.

Analysis of the sociocultural nexus and the demographic trends in a country like India is beset with numerous problems, particularly, because of the pluralistic nature of Indian society where heterogeneity defies any unilinear and unidimensional conceptualization.

Factors Responsible for the Rapid Growth of Population in India. Factors responsible for the rapid growth of population in India India is the second overpopulated country in the world which reached billion(1,, Crores). Factors that cause population growth include increased food production, improved health care services, immigration and high birth rate.

These factors have led to overpopulation, which has more negative effects than positive impacts. The world population today is over 7 billion and the number is. duction and contraceptive methods, and the practice of family planning. Against the background of the demographic argument, presented in the preceding section, we must inquire into the social factors, broadly defined, that are involved in population growth.

The main factors affecting the population change are the birth rate, death rate and migration. The birth rate is the ratio between births and individuals in a specified population and time (Miller, ).

Socio cultural factors affecting population growth in india
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