Reflection on alternative assessments

Ten thousand to 12, keystrokes per hour is considered an acceptable standard. If a teacher is reaching fewer than half of the students in the class, the teacher's method of instruction needs to improve.

The objectives of the research were to 1 provide a preliminary characterization of potential reservoirs and confining units in the state and adjacent offshore region including the continental shelf and slope; and 2 identify geologic data and analysis needed to achieve a more detailed characterization in the future.

Students see these assessments as fair measures of important learning goals. Develop clear, consist questions.

The Data collection steps

Finally, they are working on approaches to ranking the severity of different toxic effects. Second, is a growing interesting in creating measures that go beyond traditional grades. In the case of chemicals with limited data bases, additional toxicity testing may be necessary before Reflection on alternative assessments assessment can be made.

Supporting studies These studies provide supportive, rather than definitive, information and can include data from a wide variety of sources.

Assessment in Courses Establish an environment where quality is expected and students are aware of the expectations. Departments should ensure that untrained staff receive appropriate training. In many instances, use of such studies, as is the case with animal investigations, involves extrapolation from relatively high doses such as those found in occupational settings to the low doses found in the environmental situations to which the general population is more likely to be exposed.

Length of Reflection on alternative assessments The U.

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Instead, the teacher must use approaches that accommodate differences in students' learning styles and intelligences Sternberg, These are not true of alternative assessments.

Also, many alternative assessments do not have a time constraint to demonstrate understanding of content. With funding from the USDOE and the USGS, the Survey conducted preliminary characterization of geological sequestration potential in the state and adjacent offshore region including the continental shelf and slope.

Direct and Indirect Measures Unfortunately, librarians don't always have the flexibility to require exams or assign grades. Assessment Assessment is the process of gathering, measuring, analyzing, and reporting data on a students' learning.

Allowing for thinking styles. An ideal study addresses a clearly delineated hypothesis, follows a carefully prescribed protocol, and includes sufficient subsequent analysis to support its conclusions convincingly.

An alternative way to knowledge. They view success as depending on how well they can guess what their teachers will ask on quizzes, tests, and other assessments. It is suggested that you go back and read through the comments and suggestions added to your posting, but you are not required to respond specifically these comments.

Summative Assessment Summative Assessment is a final check of student performance used to determine whether objectives have been reached. To charge ahead knowing that students have not learned certain concepts or skills well would be foolish.

Staying on course in education reform. If the discussion prompt requests a single, correct answer, the discussion will end with the first posting. Introduce a problem; pose a questions; pass on information without elaboration Level II: How could you adapt this assignment for a different situation?

Follow cited references to obtain additional relevant information Compare new knowledge with prior knowledge to determine the value added Locate and use relevant databases…and interpret results of research studies 7.

Do you have evidence to support the student's inclusion in the data collection? In addition, those students who have few or no learning errors to correct should receive enrichment activities to help broaden and expand their learning.

The qualitative "weight-of-evidence" conclusions as to the likelihood that the chemical may pose a hazard to human health. In the absence of a clearly most relevant species, the most sensitive species i.

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In most cases, the toxicologic data base does not include detailed testing on all possible routes of administration, with their possibly significant differences in factors such as Reflection on alternative assessments and bioavailability.

When there is information on the exposure level associated with an appropriate endpoint, epidemiologic studies can also provide the basis for a quantitative dose-response assessment.

Aquifer Mapping - The Survey develops and publishes county-wide aquifer maps for depicting important coastal aquifers on a more regional and holistic scale. Testing is "done" to a student, while performance assessment is done by the student as a form of self-reflection and self-assessment.

A quantitative measurement uses values from an instrument based on a standardized system that intentionally limits data collection to a selected or predetermined set of possible responses.

Teachers who ask students to complete corrective work independently, outside of class, generally find that those students who most need to spend time on corrective work are the least likely to do so.Effective reporting involves each child in taking increasing responsibility for his or her own learning.

Students need to be clear about: what they have learnt, which learning strategies were successful, what they need to focus on next and why it is important. Science Georgia Standards of Excellence Georgia Department of Education March 31, Page 2 of 5 Physical Science SPS1.

Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information from the. Tests Find information about each test, including when and where you can test.

How to Qualify for Certification. For initial certification in Kentucky, all candidates must: Complete an approved educator preparation program; Pass the Praxis ® tests for their certification area ; Complete the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program.

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Traditional and alternative assessments share some key elements, yet differ as well. All assessments, whether given as a test after a unit or alternative, should be measurable and be reliable and valid by having clear criteria to measure the learning targets.

Traditional and alternative.

Reflection on alternative assessments
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