Factors affecting process design

Since Apple manufactures products to satisfy millions of customers worldwide, the manufacturing approach that it utilizes is mass production.

This enables the company to make the necessary improvements or corrections in case an issue is identified. Not only does a building need to be apealing to the eye, it has to be structurally sound.

State legislatures have required that an additional chemical be added to make the antifreeze unappealing. Lack of flexibility Factors affecting process design manufacturing processes may make it difficult for companies Factors affecting process design satisfy the ever-changing needs in the market.

Apple also further reduces the costs it incurs in manufacture of its products by ensuring that they create partnerships with many companies to encourage competition and as a result, it gets favourable deals Milian, Quality of suppliers i.

On the basis of Course of Action. In cases where training is required before the change process is implemented, the recruited employees should be provided with the adequate training.

The employees have to be trained so that they can perform different types of jobs. The Huffing Post, These methods can be used to plan for the production capacities needed in each future time period, taking into account factors like seasonality, growth trends and other such demand patterns that affect future demand levels.

Whereas it is impossible to optimize all the mentioned aspects of manufacturing processes, companies ought to make a comprehensive evaluation of their manufacturing processes to ensure that they deliver quality to their clients and also meet their goals and objectives.

Snow loads, wind loads, high water areas all affect design.

Factors affecting Process Design Decisions Assignment Help

It also seeks to discuss ways in which project management principles aid operations managers in introduction of changes to operation processes or systems.

Quantity of products The quantity of products that the company produces for customers also determines the choice of the appropriate manufacturing process. This principle is based on the fact that for a project to begin and end successfully, there are Factors affecting process design procedural activities that ought to be undertaken.

Vertical integration relieves an organization of a part of its purchasing function and provides flexibility in manufacturing. Spend time looking at it from every angle, anticipating issues, challenges and concerns. Automation has become essential for organizations to become or remain competitive.

These comprise of the expenditures incurred in purchase of equipment, labour and raw materials, and capital costs. In the overall electronics and technology industry, most of the components are obtained from Asian manufacturing industries, which are known to be both cheaper and more versatile than those from other parts of the world Roy et al.

Decisions regarding the production process and inventory for such products should be made such that peak season demand can be met comfortably. It may also make quite expensive to replace the existent processes with newer ones Chou et al. The processes should be designed to be flexible enough to expand production easily in order to keep pace with growing demand.

Getting the project to the drawing board halps you to figure your bill of materials and where you are running the electrical, plumbing etc. Parallel processes, on the other hand, involve the execution of two or more processes in a simultaneous manner.

Quality Create a design that will last. Decisions regarding the production process and inventory for such products should be made such that peak season demand can be met comfortably.

There are different approaches that can be used in management of costs incurred in processes Huang et al. Availability of funds to support the integration. As technological advancements increase, this pace is bound to increase Mollick, The Guardian, 30 April.

What is the cost or your budget. Influence of price level - The price-volume or the demand curveinfluences the process design. Factory Overhead Manufacturers depend on utilities to power machines, cool equipment and light the workspace in their factories.

Factors That Influence the Design Process

Even though Apple has had a few challenges and controversies in its product manufacturing processes, it has managed to maintain its strong position in the electronics industry.

One of these is commitment. Apple and the Environment. With the current focus that the international business community on environmental sustainability, companies ought to ensure that they select processes that have the least adverse impact on the environment Geels, Quality Operation managers have the role of ensuring that the goods or services that are offered to clients are of optimum quality Mukherjee, Project managers need to create an avenue through which employees can give feedback, and eliminate the bureaucratic barriers that may exist to hamper the ease flow of communication within the organization Henry, Operations managers should evaluate all the pros and cons of vertical integration before deciding on its implementation.

Factors influencing the process are target consumers centralmarketing mix decisions, planning, implementation, analysis and control procedures, and micro- and macro-environmental forces.The manufacturing process is a complex one that can be impacted by many factors: supplies, equipment, factory overhead, the need for special parts, and the people who work at all points in the.

Factors Affecting Organizational Design Although many things can affect the choice of an appropriate structure for an organization, the following five factors are the most common: size, life cycle, strategy, environment, and technology.

Top 10 Factors determining Product Design. 1. Customer requirements. Product design has to give due respect to the requirements of customers. So designers has to ensure that the product they design suits the convenience of customers for use. Design of Production Processes - Factors affecting Process Design Decisions Major Factors affecting Process Design Decisions Operations managers generally make process-design decisions after taking into consideration several factors.

Factors Affecting Process Design. FACTORS AFFECTING JOB DESIGN Job design is affected by organizational, environmental and behavioral factors.A properly designed job will make it more productive and agronumericus.com a job fails on this count, it must be redesigned based on the feedback.

Nov 17,  · The factors that determine or affect a product design are as follows.

Factors That Influence the Design Process

Requirements of targeted customers. Availability and access to necessary production facilities. .

Factors affecting process design
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