Cultural sensitivity in professional communication with


Team building, hands-on activities, and facilitated story telling where members of a diverse group take turns sharing stories are good tools to awaken interest in evolving from an ethnocentric to a more ethnorelative stage of intercultural sensitivity.

Retrieved on May 5, from http: The Amish most often pay out of pocket or receive money from the church to pay for healthcare expenses, which can be expensive. Clarifies process for conflict resolution.

On a daily base I experience how not being bilingual causes problems in getting even the simplest information from a patient. It should include purpose of paper and rationale for selection of specific cultural group. Reading the text book and the articles it shows that language barrier is the biggest factor that hinders the relationship between the nurse and the patient.

All of these interventions will have an impact on how well a patient will trust in, listen to, adhere to and follow through with treatment plans promoting healthy behaviors.

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Essay Sample

It is important to understand the culture of the Amish if one were to explain some of the differences found in this study. Use the following guidelines: Nurses in immigration are seen as authority figures because these detainees are in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody and are unsure of the outcomes of their cases they are scared to provide us with accurate information mainly because majority of them feels that what gets disclose to us will hinder their chances of living in the United States and cause them to be deported.

Hispanics revert to folk medicine because of necessity, dissatisfaction with conventional medicine, and cultural beliefs. In the Hispanic culture, this would be unacceptable as it would be treating a cold condition with a cold treatment.

Nurses would need to understand that Native Americans listen not only with their physical ears, but they also believe it should be done with their whole being in an outlook of "watch, listen and then act" Nerburn, For instance, people who bow at the right time when interacting with Japanese clients or naturally expect their Mexican guests forty-five minutes after the scheduled start time of a party.

The nurse, after an initial valuation, enrolled Robert in assertiveness training. These culturally- indifferent approaches can sometimes force clients to disturb basic personal criterions. In order for nurses to be culturally sensitive when caring for the Hispanic population, there are several key beliefs and values that a nurse should be aware of.

We need to use sensitivity when responding to the needs and desires that culturally diverse patients request in each health care encounter.

Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Guide

The Hispanic population increased from Hypertension and congested heart failure was greater in the female Amish than that of males, while cardiovascular disease, and cerebrovascular accidents were more prevalent compared to the national average.

If so directed, refer to the Student Success Center for directions. The intention of this paper is to increase the awareness and understanding of cultural competency and cultural sensitivity toward the Hispanic culture.

A very specific social order and respectfulness goes along with age, gender, and social class. This will contribute in an individualized care plan. These religious and spiritual influences are integrated in their daily lives, health, and illness, and should be recognized.

Native Americans are not distinctive. The advanced practice nurse who is culturally competent will strive for a goal to maximize prevention strategies that will improve health and prevent further complications among the Amish.

It would be appropriate to cite information from your textbook regarding the importance of cultural competence in nursing. Orientation, tension, cohesion, working and dissolution are stages groups go through.Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Paper No culture is growing at a faster pace than the Hispanic population, surpassing African Americans as the largest minority population in.

For this assignment, consult the Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Guide.” Write a paper of 1, words on a specific cultural group. PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION: CULTURAL SENSITIVITY. 1.

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Among Native Americans&nbspEssay

Select one article from a nursing journal focused on a cultural group 2. In the introduction, state your reason for selecting the cultural group. (Include purpose of paper and rationale for selection of specific cultural group. Cite info from textbook re: importance of cultural competence in.

Cultural Sensitivity in Professional Communication with the Amish Essay Cultural Sensitivity in Professional Communication With the Amish It is a well-known fact that disparities in healthcare exist among minority groups - Cultural Sensitivity in Professional Communication with.

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity.

Professional Communication: Cultural Sensitivity Among Native Americans In nursing school, we are normally taught that we should respect the dignity and rights of all clients.

As the "world becomes reduced" and societies and individuals become more mobile, we are progressively able to network with people that are from other cultures. Professional Communication Cultural Sensitivity Cultural competency and the need to understand the perspectives of different cultures regarding healthcare is increasingly becoming an imperative component in the field of nursing (Camphina-Bacote, ).

Cultural sensitivity in professional communication with
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