An analysis of factors that helped christianity to spread throughout the world

Augustus himself was considered the son of a god Julius Caesar and transcended his human existence to become a divine being after his death. The Catholic Church brought uniformity to the faith and established it as a public institution rather than small communities of individual followers.

The resulting schism created a communion of churches, including the Armenian, Syrian, and Egyptian churches. How did Paul contribute to the spread of Christianity? A particular consequence of this perspective was that Mary could not be properly called the mother of God, but could only be considered the mother of Christ.

This must have had an effect, especially during difficult times, like during plagues. One of the first missionaries to travel to northern Europe was Saint Patrick, who took upon himself to teach people about Christianity.

This practice was apolished by Queen Isabella of Spain in which led to the Missions to convert the natives. It also provided an established governance based on religious teachings and cultural plurality.

In other words, Christianity came at the right time. Eventually, the Orthodox Church would gain supreme hold of the eastern empire, while Catholicism would reign in the west. One of the first places popes sent missionaries was Britain. Food, Demographics and Culture What role has food played in human societies?

Since the Byzantine Empire and Sassanian Empire were engaged in religious zealotry, it stands to reason that they did not tolerate their religious minorities very well. By the fall of the western Empire ADChristianity was not only the official religion of the Roman world, but it had supreme authority in matters of morality and human behavior.

These Muslims did not force conversions nor did they pillage the territories they conquered. MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Ulfilas spread Arian Christianity among the Goths firmly establishing the faith among many of the Germanic tribes, thus helping to keep them culturally distinct.

Mohammad, this collective factor contributed significantly to the rapid rise and spread of Islam within and outside the Arabian Peninsula. Arab Tribes and warriors owed their loyalty to their Sheikhs and leaders without fault because the Sheikh provided each person with all of the amenities and protection necessary to live a full life.

Paganism and worship of ancient gods were unlawful acts as well. This simple integration mechanism resulted in massive number of Persians, Berbers, and Turks converting to Islam.In the next three centuries, as the new religion slowly spread across the Roman world, it becomes easier and easier to track its development up to its consummate political triumph, Constantine's conversion in the early fourth century.

Ancient Rome and the Rise of Christianity. Chapter 6 prentice hall. STUDY. Engineers built roads, bridges, and harbors throughout the entire empire. They also built aqueducts to improve public baths (hygiene.) It helped.

spread of Christianity through the work of the Apostles supported by the Holy Spirit “Yet their message goes out to all the world and is heard to the ends of the earth.

Psalm ”. spread of christianity If it weren't for the translation of the Jewish Bible into Greek, and if it weren't for Diaspora Jewish communities living in synagogues, rimming the edge of the.

Christianity In The Roman Empire. The ideas of Christianity spread and the organisation of the Roman Empire helped this in several ways. 1.

The Great Appeal

It was relatively easy to move around the Empire. The Romans built excellent roads with were safe from robbers. 2. There were common languages in.

What factors enabled Christianity to spread within the Roman Empire?

What factors enabled Christianity to spread throughout the Roman empire? The unity of the Roman empire, the Roman protected Mediterranean as well as the Roman roads made it easy for missionaries to travel.

An analysis of factors that helped christianity to spread throughout the world
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